Thursday, 28 February 2013

I do apologise for disappearing recently, I've been a bit tied up with work and stresses with stupid ebay.  I seem to be caught on both sides of the fence in two separate issues, still trying to get a refund from the apple laptop and a month later someone claiming something I sold has now broken and demanding a refund.. I have a headache. :(

Also, I seem to have got a bit addicted to a tv show called Ghost Adventures.  These things creep me out but the guys on it are awesome.

Seriously, it is awesome.

Well that's the only positive thing I have to say right now, since all this ebay stuff is stressing me out.. I'll try and have something more interesting to say soon. :)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

New camera!

Yes I got a new camera!  I've mostly been using my phone to take photos so far, I do have an SLR & a Lumix but they're too heavy to take around with me so I bought a small and light Nikon Coolpix S3300 that I can pop in my bag or pocket so I have no excuses haha! :]

Yeah I probably didn't need another camera (I could use my Lumix really) but it was a bargain and it's so pretty... I am weak, weak I tell you! ;)

I bought it from Asda when all I went for was something for dinner.. ahem.. for the decent price of £59, it seems to be about £70+ everywhere else I looked so I think I got a bargain.  I had wanted it in red but for some reason it was £72 in every other colour hmm o.O Very odd.  Blue's good too though :]

I took some photos of my dog to test it haha

I haven't edited it other than to resize and add the name in the corner, so the colours seem pretty nice, it's probably not a great test as far as camera capabilities go, but I really just wanted to take a photo of her looking cute if I'm honest =P

I'll keep on using it and see how it goes, either way it's a pretty looking camera for my handbag so I guess I have no excuse for fuzzy phone photos now!

Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag don't worry about the cavalries

As I mentioned earlier I'll be going on a holiday I've been waiting for for as long as I can remember, yes I'm going to...DISNEYLAND PARIS! You're probably thinking I'm a bit old for it, but I could not be more excited!! It's not until April but now that February is nearly over it doesn't feel so far away to me! Now I decided that for such an amazing holiday, I needed a new suitcase, mine was pretty old and heavy, plus it didn't look snazzy enough for Paris ;) so I began to look for a new one! Now luggage is luggage right? Well, yes, but not all of us want plain boring suitcases, remember when EVERYONE got one of those silver plastic shell ones? and then every single one that came round on the conveyor belt looked like yours but wasn't? Yep, I've been there too. I wanted something pretty and amazing that hopefully will be easy to find at the airport. It turns out however that pretty suitcases are quite hard to find, I mean you can find ones in nice colours now, but they're still quite plain, buut I have managed to find quite a few places that do have some different ones and have selected a few here to show you! :)
The ones from Matalan (and there are a lot more, I just chose a few) are also a part of the super light range and some of them even have 4 wheels rather than two so they're easier to pull around and stand up rather than tipping forward, and their range starts at £35 depending on design and size.

The River Island cases are about cabin sized and are a little more pricey at £65 but they are really pretty, I especially love the floral one <3 and hey it's still cheaper than a Cath Kidston!

The polka dot ones from SportsDirect (I know, I would never have guessed to check there until I found them by accident haha!) are an absolute bargin, as you can see they come in a lots of different sizes and they start at £9.99!! Super bargain!

I also saw some lovely ones in Primark and I wish I had taken photos of them but I didn't think at the time, doh, and of course they don't have a proper website for me to show you :(  They even had one with a big bow on it <3 they were quite small though, again probably cabin sized, so it depends how much you tend to pack ;)

So if anyone else is planning a lovely holiday this year and you too want a more unique suitcase and you don't want to spend a fortune on a Louis Vuitton or a Cath Kidston, hopefully this will give you some more ideas of where to look :)

Friday, 22 February 2013

I know I'm becoming an old lady, but one of the things I most enjoy buying, are jammies. Yes, it's bad, but I do. I love comfortable, cute looking cosy pyjamas. I love the feeling when they're new, I love the feeling when they're clean and I've just had a shower or a bath, I love coming home from work, putting them on and getting cosy under a blanket and a DVD. Oh my word I am getting old. Aaaanyway, so I started browsing for some nice new ones, I also wanted some disney-esque ones to take on holiday with me in April, which is how I found these little beauties in Topshop! They're a bit more expensive than I would usually spend on clothing that never leaves the house or really gets seen, but like I said, I love pyjamas <3 & these are most certainly now on my wishlist!
Cute Pyjama Sets

I'm the spirit of my hair, it's the glory that I bear.. or I wish it was!

I know it's silly, but for me it's exciting, there is someone other than me reading the blog! Haha!  If it's you, thankyou! <3 & I swear I'll do my best to make this blog more interesting =P

<3 <3

On a different subject, I have new hair products to tell you about, but first.. a story!
For as long as I can remember I have had very thick, unruly, dry and frizzy hair.  Everyone always told me how lucky I was to have such thick hair, but I tell you right now, only a person with fine hair could say that.  I remember going to school when I was a wee little'un and being SO embarassed at how awful my hair always looked, we just had no idea how to look after it, my mum would try all sorts and it would still stay tangley and frizzy.  It even earned me the nickname at school of "Static Electricity", yes they were all a bit stupid, it's not even witty or catchy but there we go, it hurt all the same.  I also had very long hair too which made matters even worse, but I was too scared to go to a hairdresser, not only because of how embarassed I was about how it looked, but because it hurt so much to even comb through.  It wasn't until I was about 16-17 that I got my first professional haircut, though it was only a trim, it was a massive step for me!  Then a few years ago I made the decision to cut my hair super short, well for me it was super short, it was actually just below my shoulders.  My hair still felt dry and frizzy whenever I styled it myself, but I at least felt the length looked more presentable and I wasn't so embarassed, you see by this stage in my life I was in my current job where I am surrounded by lovely beautiful girls with gorgeous hair, and those old feelings from school began to creep back.

Since then I've had my hair cut lots of times of course, and I did even have my hair cut right up to my chin length, but after buying hair extensions.. I miss my long hair.  Now I'm trying all sorts of conditioning treatments and frizz ease products to try and get my hair into a presentable state whilst it's hopefully growing, because at the moment only heat styling seems to vaguely tame it, but that just damages it really.  It's a vicious circle isn't it?

Anyway, apologies for the long rambling explanation, but it hopefully gives you an idea of how bad I want, nay, need to get my hair feeling better!

I was wandering through Superdrug the other day and a few hair products caught my eye, they were also super duper cheap, so I thought, why not?

Firstly I found this, Loreal Elvive's new smooth and polish shampoo with Keratin which is what drew me to it, I also wanted the conditioner but they were out of stock :[ This was also only £1.95 for a 400ml bottle since they were on promotion which I thought was a bargain!  (although after I had left the shop I realised that their no sulphate versions were also on offer for a couple of pound more so I wish I had got that too but c'est la vie!)
Now I used this for the first time yesterday and it does smell lovely! It's a nice cream shampoo which I do prefer, I find the clear ones don't tend to lather as well and they don't go as far on my hair because of it.  It did feel noticably softer although it was still pretty tangley but then considering I didn't have the matching codnitioner, maybe that's why.  I'm happy enough with it to continue using it and see how things improve at least. :]

This was the other thing I bought when I was looking for an alternative conditioner, Superdrug's own brand coconut and sweet almond intensive conditioner for the ultimate bargain price of 99p!!! & seriously this jar is mahoosive at 375ml! Inside the nice and sturdy looking jar the actual conditioner is a lovely glossy white that just looks good enough to eat, but you probably shouldn't ;) The instructions say to apply after hair has been shampoo'ded and the hair is still damp, then leave it on for 3-5 minutes depending on how much damage the hair has.  I left mine on for as long as possible since I know it needed it, and the hair did feel lovely and soft whilst I was rinsing it, though I'm not sure I put enough on the sides and ends, the back feels really nice though haha!  I think if your hair is probably at the stage of regular damage, this will be amazing for you, and as it is I'm going to carry on using it to see if it will gradually improve it, and it's certainly cheaper than the Lee Stafford one I was using before which lasted about 3 or 4 uses and didn't even feel much better, grr silly over priced pretty pink product ;)

This was the other thing that caught my eye, again it's Superdrug's own brand detangling spray with a yummy pear smell, and I'm pretty sure it's actually for kids but pfft I don't care :P I also love that little sheep design, so cute <3
Unfortunately this didn't really help my hair at all, it also says you can use it when the hair is dry or wet, now I tried it firstly when my hair was dry and it made it even worse, in fact it was a super tangley matted mess like I had sprayed loads of hairspray into it, not what I was after at all :[ Then I tried it yesterday after washing it and it certainly better than when it was dry, it didn't make it matted and worse exactly, but I saw, or rather felt no improvement either, so a bit of a dud for me :( Luckily this was only 99p too, so my search for a saviour to my tangles continues, but this was certainly not it for me, sorry little superdrug sheep. :(

So what about you guys? Have you tried any of these or have a better alternative? I'm all ears, or er eyes :D

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Who's that girl? It's me!

I was thinking about what to update with today, and I figured that I haven't really told much about myself personally, so I've added this here to properly introduce myself :]

Real name: Louise

Age: 25

Location: Manchester

Family:  Well, I don't have any brothers or sisters exactly, so it's just me, the parents & the mister

Job: Retail slave

Pets: I have a beautiful Yorkshire Terrier & five little guinea pigs :D

Last Holiday: Menorca for the honeymoon last year

Favourite Holiday: It was actually a 10 day holiday in Brighton years ago, we had perfect weather and stayed in a gorgeous hotel right by the beach, I just love how diverse it is there.  Brighton is probably one place other than Manchester where I admit I would like to live, not that I could ever afford it, I've never even been back there for a holiday as much as I would love to!

Worst Holiday: Portugal, I think it was about 5 years or so ago.  The apartments were disgusting, dirty sheets, concrete beds, the only good thing were the geckos living in the attic above them haha.  The people in the village were we stayed were really unfriendly and the food was gross, I remember I had really bad hay fever for the entire time there too which wasn't fun. :( & I think this was the first holiday where I actually didn't go overboard on spending too, because there was nothing to spend it on haha!

Favourite Foods: Pasta! I love Lasagne, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Carabonara, mmmm pastapasta!

Worst Food: Anything with cheese and onions, yes I see the irony there, that's why I make my own pasta meals and leave these things out haha! Pizza is not fun.

The thing I can still do: Still do from when? What a bizarre and vague question. Um, I can pick things up with my toes.. Not particularly interesting is it?

Best Film: Oh now that's a toughie because I have a lot of favourites! Twilight, all the good disneys, Madagascar, Lord of the rings, Star Wars (the good 3 ;)), Paranormal activity trilogy, yes I do love me some sci-fi/fantasy but I also adore a good rom com too <3

Worst Film: Oooo errrr.. Oh I know! X-Men sodding 3! Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE X-Men and comic book movies, lovelovelove, but x-men 3 just gets my goat it does.  Scott just DIES right near the start, Xavier DIES, what the fudge were they on?! Bad bad bad movie, I wanted Wolverine just to go psycho and claw up those writers, seriously, would have made for a better film.

Favourite Programme: Oh gosh I have loads! Big Bang Theory, How I met your mother, Game of thrones, Walking Dead, New Girl, Vampire Diaries, Hollyoaks, Friends, Scrubs, (yes I realise those two have ended, sadface), Supernatural & Glee, to name but a few ahem.

Worst Programme:  The only way is Essex.  Now to be honest here, I've never actually watched this, so you might say this is unfair of me to say that, but I can't stand the way they talk and act like they barely have a brain cell between them when I'm almost positive that they're just pretending to be that way (or gosh I hope they are).  It's all just so fake and it annoys me, plus I don't get the orange skin thing, sorry rant over!

Favourite Smell: This may sound weird, but my dog after she's been napping.  I don't know why but she gets the most amazing popcorn smell, seriously it's amazing.

Hobbies:  I'm boring, I'll admit this.  I love to watch a good movie, read a book on the kindle, play a good and addictive video game, or just peacefully browse the internet, yes I am a slave to technology. The other thing I love is going for a nice walk when the weather's nice with the puppy or go shopping.  The other thing I love is taking photos, I will take photos of ANYTHING.  If anyone looked through the pictures on my iphone, they would really wonder what the heck I am on, there's even a photo of a slice of toast there I think haha.

Last thing I ate:  A packet of hoola hoops & a twirl chocolate bar, oh how healthy I am. 

Last thing I had to drink: A cup of tea <3

Well that's that, hope you enjoyed getting to know me hahaha <3

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Slightly late Valentine's Haul

Gosh, today was a stressful day for me, it was a lovely sunny day outside and this is my week off.  Great you say!  Except I spent most of it in the hospital :(
I had gone for an x-ray on the hand I injured a month ago at work, and a blood test to see if I do have something called polycistic ovarian syndrome.  Firstly I was sent to the wrong place for my x-ray by my GP so I had a wasted journey there, finally got to the right hospital and had that done but was told I have to wait 7-10 days for my results which I found weird, I had three people looking at the screen but they couldn't tell me then o.O Bah!
Then I went for my blood test which is what I was really worried about, I like most sane people, hate needles.  This went horribly since the nurse couldn't find a vein for aaaages, so I was stabbed multiple times, my poor little arm :( Then I nearly fainted in the waiting room and they had to get me a bottle of coke. >.<
I was then so dizzy after this that I got on the wrong bus and ended up going back to the other nhs building I had gone to firstly and had to call my dad to come get me, not a great day! :(

On a different subject though, I finally managed to take photos of some of the things I bought on Friday.

These are some nails I bought from Primark for the bargain price of £1! I've never used these kind of sticky on nails before but they were just too cute to resist, cupcakes! Everyone knows I love a cupcake.

These are the nail polishes I bought from Superdrug, I forgot about the Barry M Croc polish, it's the first time I've bought one of these.  I've used the original nail effects which I'm not too fond of, especially since when I wore one someone said it looked like I had a nail fungus.. Not a good look.  I wanted to give this one a try anyway. :]  The Hello Kitty polishes are adorable though, I can't wait to try more, but the colour I'm wearing in these images is this one, it has chipped but not too badly and it has been a few days since I applied it so I'm not too concerned about that.  I haven't tried the nail constellations yet but I can't wait to!

This is the Sleek PPQ Supreme palette that I also bought from superdrug, and I've just realised that I forgot to photograph the Sleek PPQ Lipgloss and the regular line lipstick I bought too, doh!  Oh well I'll do that later. 

As you can see the eyeshadows themselves are all matte which I wouldn't usually be too taken with, don't get me wrong I love my nude mattes from the naked palettes as much as the next girl, but I do like my metallics and sparkleys too.. quite a lot, and I'm not usually too keen on palettes that don't have a mixture of the two, and mattes can sometimes be quite chalky and hard to blend, but these are actually quite nice.  I've worn the greens in a look and the blues today, and they're quite pigmented and smooth and I'm looking forward to creating some more looks with them. :]

& of course here are my Mac Archie's Girls items, I just LOVE the designs on these, so cute!!

This is the blush/face powder which as you can see has the design still on the palette itself, so so adorable, I love it <3  I must admit that I don't actually know anything about the comic Archie, other than when they were talking about it in an episode of big bang theory haha :D

Aren't those little hearts adorable?!

& here's the lipstick that's technically the wrong shade but it is lovely and I can't be bothered to take it back. Again there's that super cutesie design, and both of the items I bought just happened to be in Veronica's range, which to be fair probably is more cup of tea.  The Betty shades tend to be more sheer and, dare I say it, tame?? Veronica's are more in your face reds and pinks, and the blush itself is i think far more suited to fair/pale skin.

I wish I had also swatched the sleek lipstick that I got to compare how similar the shades are, there are differences don't get me wrong, I wouldn't call it a dupe or anything, but I don't think I needed both of them is all.  I would have rather just got this and not the sleek lipstick even, but then as I said, this wasn't the lipstick i originally chose. It's lovely all the same though. :]

I did also forget to photograph the Hello Kitty lipstick too, double doh! >.<

Anyway that's your lot for today, my arm's still feeling sore so I'm off to feel sorry for myself and eat some chocolate to make myself feel better ;)

Monday, 18 February 2013

You can ask them anything, but they wont tell you a thing

Apologies for the unscheduled break to those who may be reading!

The other half and I had a lovely couple of days together over Valentine's day and that distracted me from my blog, sorry!  We went to see the Liong King musical in Manchester and oh my word is it AMAZING!  I'm a massive disney fan anyway so I knew I would love it, but I didn't realise how much I would love it!
We then stayed at the Portland hotel in Manchester, which is also lovely, and then the day after he took me for a huge shopping trip, woop woop! All in all it was a lovely couple of days and I really enjoyed myself :]

Unfortunately I don't think my bank balance enjoyed it quite so much ;)
I bought a nice camouflage jacket and backpack from Primark, yes camouflage is everywhere right now love it or hate it.  I then had a good haul in Superdrug, I bought the Sleek PPQ palette in supreme with the soul lip gloss, I wanted the soul palette too but it was sold out, poo :(  A sleek lipstick in fuschia, a couple of the MUA nail constellations, a Hello Kitty lipstick in Betz Blazin' and a nail polish which I can't remember the name of but it's sort of a steely blue grey, very pretty!
I then made the mistake of going into Selfridges.. Mac's new Archies' Girls collection was calling to me.  I just couldn't resist the new Veronica's beauty powder, which is a lovely pale frosted pink with darker pink hearts, so pretty!  I then wanted a lipstick too and was torn between three shades, however the sales girl gave me the wrong one and I didn't realise until I got home :/ so I ended up with Daddy's Little Girl.  Now it's a lovely colour, but it's extremely similar to the Sleek one I had just bought (and for less than 1/3 of the price may I add..) from Superdrug, argh! :( Oh well, guess I'm all stocked up on fuschia lipstick for the summer, I guess it's a good thing it's the current makeup trend haha.

I will get some pictures up of these tomorrow if I get the time, I do have to go to the hospital however for a blood test to see if I can finally get diagnosed with PCOS (years later >.>) and an x-ray for my hand which I injured a month ago at work, seriously I'm falling to bits.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Aint no rest for the wicked

Thank goodness that day's over.  Really need to find a new job, and I'll leave it at that.

On a different note, I did remember to test out my rimmel eye primer today and am glad to say that yes it does work!  I'm not sure if it intensified the colours as such since I was using a new shade of eyeshadow (from my Urban Decay Theodora palette for those interested) but it did not crease and didn't slip down my face either, it also blended easily enough on top of it too, sometimes I find with UDPP that it can be hard to blend the eyeshadows on top of it.  I'm going to carry on using it since my UDPP has only a tiny tiny bit left and see how I go, only time will tell if I'll prefer it to my old faithful!  
Oh another thing that I tested today! The new nivea stress protection deodorant, and I'll tell you, today it worked.

Now I'm off to bed, I'll try to make my next entry more interesting. :)

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Another day, another dollaahh

I know it's annoying when people rant about their work, but today felt like a rubbish day.  Valentine's is over the horizon so people were grumpy, impatient and outright rude at times and we were all rushed off our feetses.

So I am now tucked up in bed watching one of my favourite films, Wimbledon <3 <3 I don't know why I love it so much, but every time I watch it, it fills me with warm fuzzy feelings, which is just what I need right now.

Did some shopping today, again to try and relieve the stress.. It didn't work but I did get some lovely things.

G21 Pooch Print Jumper - £16 at Asda

G21 Peter Pan Blouse - £14 at Asda

I don't usually find a lot in Asda clothing these days that I like, I used to but have noticed their styles have been a bit dowdy recently, but I spotted these two and just had to have them, I LOVE the geeky dog image on the jumper, so cute! & you probably can't tell from the picture of the blouse but that also has little doggys all over it.  I'm just a crazy dog lady it seems. :]

I also bought some makeup, I got two more shades of the Rimmel Apocalips lipglosses - Luna & Eclipse, but unfortunately they don't really suit me, very disappointing :[ I might be able to make Luna work, maybe, we'll see.  They looked so nice when I swatched them, oh well.  I bought two of the new Bourjois lipsticks in Pretty Prune and Fraise Remix (they were on buy one get one half price, so I figured it was rude not to buy two) & I also bought the new Rimmel eye primer.  Now I usually use Urban Decay Primer Potion on my eyes, and I've almost run out of my latest tube, but I saw this and thought I would give it a whirl, it would be nice to find a cheaper and easier to get (as it's available at my local boots) than having to go into Manchester to get my UD one, or order it online but you know.  We shall see, I'll test it tomorrow and update with my feelings on it. :]
In fact, once I've tried out everything, including the tan I bought and have dyed my hair (again, crossing my fingers!) I'll post a review of stuffs.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

First entry!

Yep, this is my blog! Oh what to say, what to say!

This is me :]

Yes, dodgy photo but still the most recent haha!

I'm a tweeeeentysomething shopaholic beautylicious makeup&fashion nerdynerd animal obsessed addict <3

I've wanted to start a blog for ages, but just never got around to it, then I bought myself a deliciooooous new Samsung series 3 chromebook to take around with me and figured that it's a good reason to finally start writing. :]

I don't know what else to say.. Oh! I coloured my hair today, oh my god it was so long over due, my roots nearly needed their own postcode, ouch!
Unfortunately though because I had to drop £200 on my new laptop and am currently waiting for the refund on the one I bought before (oh yes, it's a long story, but I bought an old mac from ebay but it was faulty, guh) I had zero monies for my hair dressers, ruh roh! This meant I decided instead to buy a cheapo box dye, nice'n'easy in fact in shade 78 medium golden brown, which was the closest I could find to my current dyed hair.

It came out a lovely colour, pretty much what I had before but minus the red tones that were coming through and is pretty much bang on the shade of my extensions which are dark brown with gold tones in the light, buuuuut.. it didn't take to my roots at all noooo! Not sure what to do now, do I book an appointment at the salon to get it fixed or do I risk another box and put it on my roots for longer? I just don't knooow, but I need it sorted for valentine's day! :[
Speaking of Valentine's day, VERY excited! A week today I shall be sitting in the theatre, watching Lion King YAY! Then it's off to a meal and a stay in a swishy hotel, woop woop :D

I need my hair sorted though first *sigh* Nothing's ever simple :/