Monday, 11 February 2013

Aint no rest for the wicked

Thank goodness that day's over.  Really need to find a new job, and I'll leave it at that.

On a different note, I did remember to test out my rimmel eye primer today and am glad to say that yes it does work!  I'm not sure if it intensified the colours as such since I was using a new shade of eyeshadow (from my Urban Decay Theodora palette for those interested) but it did not crease and didn't slip down my face either, it also blended easily enough on top of it too, sometimes I find with UDPP that it can be hard to blend the eyeshadows on top of it.  I'm going to carry on using it since my UDPP has only a tiny tiny bit left and see how I go, only time will tell if I'll prefer it to my old faithful!  
Oh another thing that I tested today! The new nivea stress protection deodorant, and I'll tell you, today it worked.

Now I'm off to bed, I'll try to make my next entry more interesting. :)

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