Thursday, 7 February 2013

First entry!

Yep, this is my blog! Oh what to say, what to say!

This is me :]

Yes, dodgy photo but still the most recent haha!

I'm a tweeeeentysomething shopaholic beautylicious makeup&fashion nerdynerd animal obsessed addict <3

I've wanted to start a blog for ages, but just never got around to it, then I bought myself a deliciooooous new Samsung series 3 chromebook to take around with me and figured that it's a good reason to finally start writing. :]

I don't know what else to say.. Oh! I coloured my hair today, oh my god it was so long over due, my roots nearly needed their own postcode, ouch!
Unfortunately though because I had to drop £200 on my new laptop and am currently waiting for the refund on the one I bought before (oh yes, it's a long story, but I bought an old mac from ebay but it was faulty, guh) I had zero monies for my hair dressers, ruh roh! This meant I decided instead to buy a cheapo box dye, nice'n'easy in fact in shade 78 medium golden brown, which was the closest I could find to my current dyed hair.

It came out a lovely colour, pretty much what I had before but minus the red tones that were coming through and is pretty much bang on the shade of my extensions which are dark brown with gold tones in the light, buuuuut.. it didn't take to my roots at all noooo! Not sure what to do now, do I book an appointment at the salon to get it fixed or do I risk another box and put it on my roots for longer? I just don't knooow, but I need it sorted for valentine's day! :[
Speaking of Valentine's day, VERY excited! A week today I shall be sitting in the theatre, watching Lion King YAY! Then it's off to a meal and a stay in a swishy hotel, woop woop :D

I need my hair sorted though first *sigh* Nothing's ever simple :/

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