Friday, 22 February 2013

I know I'm becoming an old lady, but one of the things I most enjoy buying, are jammies. Yes, it's bad, but I do. I love comfortable, cute looking cosy pyjamas. I love the feeling when they're new, I love the feeling when they're clean and I've just had a shower or a bath, I love coming home from work, putting them on and getting cosy under a blanket and a DVD. Oh my word I am getting old. Aaaanyway, so I started browsing for some nice new ones, I also wanted some disney-esque ones to take on holiday with me in April, which is how I found these little beauties in Topshop! They're a bit more expensive than I would usually spend on clothing that never leaves the house or really gets seen, but like I said, I love pyjamas <3 & these are most certainly now on my wishlist!
Cute Pyjama Sets

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