Friday, 22 February 2013

I'm the spirit of my hair, it's the glory that I bear.. or I wish it was!

I know it's silly, but for me it's exciting, there is someone other than me reading the blog! Haha!  If it's you, thankyou! <3 & I swear I'll do my best to make this blog more interesting =P

<3 <3

On a different subject, I have new hair products to tell you about, but first.. a story!
For as long as I can remember I have had very thick, unruly, dry and frizzy hair.  Everyone always told me how lucky I was to have such thick hair, but I tell you right now, only a person with fine hair could say that.  I remember going to school when I was a wee little'un and being SO embarassed at how awful my hair always looked, we just had no idea how to look after it, my mum would try all sorts and it would still stay tangley and frizzy.  It even earned me the nickname at school of "Static Electricity", yes they were all a bit stupid, it's not even witty or catchy but there we go, it hurt all the same.  I also had very long hair too which made matters even worse, but I was too scared to go to a hairdresser, not only because of how embarassed I was about how it looked, but because it hurt so much to even comb through.  It wasn't until I was about 16-17 that I got my first professional haircut, though it was only a trim, it was a massive step for me!  Then a few years ago I made the decision to cut my hair super short, well for me it was super short, it was actually just below my shoulders.  My hair still felt dry and frizzy whenever I styled it myself, but I at least felt the length looked more presentable and I wasn't so embarassed, you see by this stage in my life I was in my current job where I am surrounded by lovely beautiful girls with gorgeous hair, and those old feelings from school began to creep back.

Since then I've had my hair cut lots of times of course, and I did even have my hair cut right up to my chin length, but after buying hair extensions.. I miss my long hair.  Now I'm trying all sorts of conditioning treatments and frizz ease products to try and get my hair into a presentable state whilst it's hopefully growing, because at the moment only heat styling seems to vaguely tame it, but that just damages it really.  It's a vicious circle isn't it?

Anyway, apologies for the long rambling explanation, but it hopefully gives you an idea of how bad I want, nay, need to get my hair feeling better!

I was wandering through Superdrug the other day and a few hair products caught my eye, they were also super duper cheap, so I thought, why not?

Firstly I found this, Loreal Elvive's new smooth and polish shampoo with Keratin which is what drew me to it, I also wanted the conditioner but they were out of stock :[ This was also only £1.95 for a 400ml bottle since they were on promotion which I thought was a bargain!  (although after I had left the shop I realised that their no sulphate versions were also on offer for a couple of pound more so I wish I had got that too but c'est la vie!)
Now I used this for the first time yesterday and it does smell lovely! It's a nice cream shampoo which I do prefer, I find the clear ones don't tend to lather as well and they don't go as far on my hair because of it.  It did feel noticably softer although it was still pretty tangley but then considering I didn't have the matching codnitioner, maybe that's why.  I'm happy enough with it to continue using it and see how things improve at least. :]

This was the other thing I bought when I was looking for an alternative conditioner, Superdrug's own brand coconut and sweet almond intensive conditioner for the ultimate bargain price of 99p!!! & seriously this jar is mahoosive at 375ml! Inside the nice and sturdy looking jar the actual conditioner is a lovely glossy white that just looks good enough to eat, but you probably shouldn't ;) The instructions say to apply after hair has been shampoo'ded and the hair is still damp, then leave it on for 3-5 minutes depending on how much damage the hair has.  I left mine on for as long as possible since I know it needed it, and the hair did feel lovely and soft whilst I was rinsing it, though I'm not sure I put enough on the sides and ends, the back feels really nice though haha!  I think if your hair is probably at the stage of regular damage, this will be amazing for you, and as it is I'm going to carry on using it to see if it will gradually improve it, and it's certainly cheaper than the Lee Stafford one I was using before which lasted about 3 or 4 uses and didn't even feel much better, grr silly over priced pretty pink product ;)

This was the other thing that caught my eye, again it's Superdrug's own brand detangling spray with a yummy pear smell, and I'm pretty sure it's actually for kids but pfft I don't care :P I also love that little sheep design, so cute <3
Unfortunately this didn't really help my hair at all, it also says you can use it when the hair is dry or wet, now I tried it firstly when my hair was dry and it made it even worse, in fact it was a super tangley matted mess like I had sprayed loads of hairspray into it, not what I was after at all :[ Then I tried it yesterday after washing it and it certainly better than when it was dry, it didn't make it matted and worse exactly, but I saw, or rather felt no improvement either, so a bit of a dud for me :( Luckily this was only 99p too, so my search for a saviour to my tangles continues, but this was certainly not it for me, sorry little superdrug sheep. :(

So what about you guys? Have you tried any of these or have a better alternative? I'm all ears, or er eyes :D

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