Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Slightly late Valentine's Haul

Gosh, today was a stressful day for me, it was a lovely sunny day outside and this is my week off.  Great you say!  Except I spent most of it in the hospital :(
I had gone for an x-ray on the hand I injured a month ago at work, and a blood test to see if I do have something called polycistic ovarian syndrome.  Firstly I was sent to the wrong place for my x-ray by my GP so I had a wasted journey there, finally got to the right hospital and had that done but was told I have to wait 7-10 days for my results which I found weird, I had three people looking at the screen but they couldn't tell me then o.O Bah!
Then I went for my blood test which is what I was really worried about, I like most sane people, hate needles.  This went horribly since the nurse couldn't find a vein for aaaages, so I was stabbed multiple times, my poor little arm :( Then I nearly fainted in the waiting room and they had to get me a bottle of coke. >.<
I was then so dizzy after this that I got on the wrong bus and ended up going back to the other nhs building I had gone to firstly and had to call my dad to come get me, not a great day! :(

On a different subject though, I finally managed to take photos of some of the things I bought on Friday.

These are some nails I bought from Primark for the bargain price of £1! I've never used these kind of sticky on nails before but they were just too cute to resist, cupcakes! Everyone knows I love a cupcake.

These are the nail polishes I bought from Superdrug, I forgot about the Barry M Croc polish, it's the first time I've bought one of these.  I've used the original nail effects which I'm not too fond of, especially since when I wore one someone said it looked like I had a nail fungus.. Not a good look.  I wanted to give this one a try anyway. :]  The Hello Kitty polishes are adorable though, I can't wait to try more, but the colour I'm wearing in these images is this one, it has chipped but not too badly and it has been a few days since I applied it so I'm not too concerned about that.  I haven't tried the nail constellations yet but I can't wait to!

This is the Sleek PPQ Supreme palette that I also bought from superdrug, and I've just realised that I forgot to photograph the Sleek PPQ Lipgloss and the regular line lipstick I bought too, doh!  Oh well I'll do that later. 

As you can see the eyeshadows themselves are all matte which I wouldn't usually be too taken with, don't get me wrong I love my nude mattes from the naked palettes as much as the next girl, but I do like my metallics and sparkleys too.. quite a lot, and I'm not usually too keen on palettes that don't have a mixture of the two, and mattes can sometimes be quite chalky and hard to blend, but these are actually quite nice.  I've worn the greens in a look and the blues today, and they're quite pigmented and smooth and I'm looking forward to creating some more looks with them. :]

& of course here are my Mac Archie's Girls items, I just LOVE the designs on these, so cute!!

This is the blush/face powder which as you can see has the design still on the palette itself, so so adorable, I love it <3  I must admit that I don't actually know anything about the comic Archie, other than when they were talking about it in an episode of big bang theory haha :D

Aren't those little hearts adorable?!

& here's the lipstick that's technically the wrong shade but it is lovely and I can't be bothered to take it back. Again there's that super cutesie design, and both of the items I bought just happened to be in Veronica's range, which to be fair probably is more cup of tea.  The Betty shades tend to be more sheer and, dare I say it, tame?? Veronica's are more in your face reds and pinks, and the blush itself is i think far more suited to fair/pale skin.

I wish I had also swatched the sleek lipstick that I got to compare how similar the shades are, there are differences don't get me wrong, I wouldn't call it a dupe or anything, but I don't think I needed both of them is all.  I would have rather just got this and not the sleek lipstick even, but then as I said, this wasn't the lipstick i originally chose. It's lovely all the same though. :]

I did also forget to photograph the Hello Kitty lipstick too, double doh! >.<

Anyway that's your lot for today, my arm's still feeling sore so I'm off to feel sorry for myself and eat some chocolate to make myself feel better ;)

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