Thursday, 21 February 2013

Who's that girl? It's me!

I was thinking about what to update with today, and I figured that I haven't really told much about myself personally, so I've added this here to properly introduce myself :]

Real name: Louise

Age: 25

Location: Manchester

Family:  Well, I don't have any brothers or sisters exactly, so it's just me, the parents & the mister

Job: Retail slave

Pets: I have a beautiful Yorkshire Terrier & five little guinea pigs :D

Last Holiday: Menorca for the honeymoon last year

Favourite Holiday: It was actually a 10 day holiday in Brighton years ago, we had perfect weather and stayed in a gorgeous hotel right by the beach, I just love how diverse it is there.  Brighton is probably one place other than Manchester where I admit I would like to live, not that I could ever afford it, I've never even been back there for a holiday as much as I would love to!

Worst Holiday: Portugal, I think it was about 5 years or so ago.  The apartments were disgusting, dirty sheets, concrete beds, the only good thing were the geckos living in the attic above them haha.  The people in the village were we stayed were really unfriendly and the food was gross, I remember I had really bad hay fever for the entire time there too which wasn't fun. :( & I think this was the first holiday where I actually didn't go overboard on spending too, because there was nothing to spend it on haha!

Favourite Foods: Pasta! I love Lasagne, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Carabonara, mmmm pastapasta!

Worst Food: Anything with cheese and onions, yes I see the irony there, that's why I make my own pasta meals and leave these things out haha! Pizza is not fun.

The thing I can still do: Still do from when? What a bizarre and vague question. Um, I can pick things up with my toes.. Not particularly interesting is it?

Best Film: Oh now that's a toughie because I have a lot of favourites! Twilight, all the good disneys, Madagascar, Lord of the rings, Star Wars (the good 3 ;)), Paranormal activity trilogy, yes I do love me some sci-fi/fantasy but I also adore a good rom com too <3

Worst Film: Oooo errrr.. Oh I know! X-Men sodding 3! Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE X-Men and comic book movies, lovelovelove, but x-men 3 just gets my goat it does.  Scott just DIES right near the start, Xavier DIES, what the fudge were they on?! Bad bad bad movie, I wanted Wolverine just to go psycho and claw up those writers, seriously, would have made for a better film.

Favourite Programme: Oh gosh I have loads! Big Bang Theory, How I met your mother, Game of thrones, Walking Dead, New Girl, Vampire Diaries, Hollyoaks, Friends, Scrubs, (yes I realise those two have ended, sadface), Supernatural & Glee, to name but a few ahem.

Worst Programme:  The only way is Essex.  Now to be honest here, I've never actually watched this, so you might say this is unfair of me to say that, but I can't stand the way they talk and act like they barely have a brain cell between them when I'm almost positive that they're just pretending to be that way (or gosh I hope they are).  It's all just so fake and it annoys me, plus I don't get the orange skin thing, sorry rant over!

Favourite Smell: This may sound weird, but my dog after she's been napping.  I don't know why but she gets the most amazing popcorn smell, seriously it's amazing.

Hobbies:  I'm boring, I'll admit this.  I love to watch a good movie, read a book on the kindle, play a good and addictive video game, or just peacefully browse the internet, yes I am a slave to technology. The other thing I love is going for a nice walk when the weather's nice with the puppy or go shopping.  The other thing I love is taking photos, I will take photos of ANYTHING.  If anyone looked through the pictures on my iphone, they would really wonder what the heck I am on, there's even a photo of a slice of toast there I think haha.

Last thing I ate:  A packet of hoola hoops & a twirl chocolate bar, oh how healthy I am. 

Last thing I had to drink: A cup of tea <3

Well that's that, hope you enjoyed getting to know me hahaha <3

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