Thursday, 21 March 2013

woopsie daisies, I did it again

I am so sorry for the lack of updates.  I wish I could tell you I had a really good reason for not updating, but I really don't.  I mean, yeah I've been working, but not to the point that it should stop me blogging, I think it's more that I haven't really had anything all that useful or interesting to say..  I'm currently trying to ban myself from shopping until pay day, and even then I'm trying to curb myself a bit, need all those pennies for that holiday next month after all!

I did allow myself a little spree on clothes to take with me, I think I mentioned that a lot of my summer clothes were in storage, so I needed a few bits and pieces.  I bought two pairs of capris from tesco of all places, and a little stripey peplum top from Asda, I know, they were all quickthrowtheminthetrolley items whilst I was supposed to be food shopping, but I did need them!  I already have my dresses now I think, I found a couple in my wardrobe which I haven't even worn yet, so it seems like as good an excuse as any to get them out! :]

Now what I really need, is shoes.  I tell you what, it's not easy to find shoes for wide feet.  I mean, you can get those expensive ones from catalogues and stuff that look like the ones your granny wears, but just ordinary shoes in a wider fit that aren't silly prices, it's not easy.. I really want some nice little brown brogues and some kind of quirky wedges, but all the ones I've found so far are so narrow, and as I said..Spending curb!

I've also told myself that after my little wardrobe clear out I've just had on ebay, I am closing my account.  That site causes me nothing but stress and annoyance, and to be honest, I think that caused my initial downer at updating this blog.   I always consider myself a happy, bubbly person, but it's stupid little things like that that bring me down.  Confrontation, arguments, snippy little comments, unfortunately I take them to heart and they stay over my head like nasty little rainclouds, ruining my usually sunny day.  Silly, huh?

I am an over emotional person and I'll continue to be, I don't think it's a bad thing, but it does have it's downsides =P

So in an attempt at making this entry more than just a whiney rant, what else have i been up to? Umm.. well I've just been addicted to Ghost Adventures, Ni No Kuni & reading The Host before the movie comes out next  week, haha oh what a lively life mine is ;)

Anyway, I felt I needed to say that I am still here and I AM still blogging, but if I phase out for a little bit, I will be back, I'm just trying to find something interesting to say, haha :]

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Not cool Revlon

Sorry it's been such a long time since a proper entry, like I said before unfortunately the stresses of ebay have totally been getting to me, and it still isn't resolved, but I'll try to get this back on track now. :)

Over the last few days I have bought some bits and pieces from Boots & Superdrug, the main thing I set out for was the new Revlon Nearly Naked foundation that I'm sure you've seen advertised by the lovely Emma Stone, which was partially why I wanted it I'll admit, as a fellow pale gal I thought it might be good for me.
Now I initially looked in Boots, and they had an offer for buy one get one half price on Revlon & I needed a new liquid eyeliner so I picked up one of their colourstay liquid eyeliners and then went to get the foundation, but the palest shade they had was Shell, and I was sure there was one called ivory that I had seen online, but it wasn't there, so I bought the lightest shade they had.  I took it home and swatched it on my hand to start off with, and it didn't look too dark, but it did look very yellow.

Here you can see the swatches, it wasn't in the best of light I know, but hopefully you can see just how yellow it is in comparison to my NW15 Mac foundation, which is what I usually use.  The next day I decided to give the Revlon one a whirl, after all what's the point in buying it if I don't use it? Buuuuut, it was a disaster.  I looked like a strange yellow oompa loompa type thing.  It was awful! In fact so bad, I didn't take any photos of it because I couldn't bear to be seen like that haha!
I did like the finish it gave though, or would have if it had been the right colour for me, so I then took a trip to Superdrug, which is also a bigger store, to find the right shade.  Yet again however it was another disappointment, they had exactly the same shades - the lightest being Shell, again.  Now there isn't a lack of room, in fact they have a paper notebook leaflet thing there taking up half the shelf when they could have had more shades instead, so I decided to ask one of the members of staff there and she told me that the lighter shades would only be available online and in the very large stores, errm what?! whyyy?! Why are these stores (and I in no way blame the individual shops themselves, just whoever decides this will be the case) excluding some of their buyers? I don't understand why they think this is a good idea, and frankly I find myself a little bit offended.  It's not as though they just don't exist, they do, but they have decided to make them harder to find for no real reason that I can see! It's just rude! :( I then decided to give up on buying this after checking two different Boots stores and a Superdrug, the lighter shades are available online but I would have liked to swatch them to check they were alright for me after already buying one that was wrong and I don't like having to pay a P&P charge for something like that when I should have been able to buy it there and then, not cool.

I couldn't leave Superdrug empty handed though it seemed despite my annoyance and so this was my mini haul.

I bought one of the MUA Love Hearts nail polishes in the colour "U Rock", a Sleek blush in Pixie Pink, a Bourjois Delice de poudre in 51, Maybelline tatoo eyeshadow in light in purple, and a Sleek flick it eyeliner in dazzling black.  I also bought a pair of Loreal hair products, but I'll talk about those later. :)

I've so far used everything except the nail polish and can say I'm very happy with these at least, the blusher is a beautiful shade of pink which might scare some in the pan, but on the skin it was a lovely cool pink.  Bronzers are something I generally used to stay clear of due to being so pale, but this shade came highly recommended and I must admit that it doesn't seem too dark or orange, will see how I go with it.  =)
The maybelline eye shadow is the most unusual shade, it's like a silvery lilacy blue colour, so pretty! I've only tried it very lightly across the eye so far, but I'm going to try some different looks with it, it certainly looked nice with just black eyeliner, which was indeed the Sleek liner, and boy does that not budge!

So there's the haul, and a rant! =P