Thursday, 21 March 2013

woopsie daisies, I did it again

I am so sorry for the lack of updates.  I wish I could tell you I had a really good reason for not updating, but I really don't.  I mean, yeah I've been working, but not to the point that it should stop me blogging, I think it's more that I haven't really had anything all that useful or interesting to say..  I'm currently trying to ban myself from shopping until pay day, and even then I'm trying to curb myself a bit, need all those pennies for that holiday next month after all!

I did allow myself a little spree on clothes to take with me, I think I mentioned that a lot of my summer clothes were in storage, so I needed a few bits and pieces.  I bought two pairs of capris from tesco of all places, and a little stripey peplum top from Asda, I know, they were all quickthrowtheminthetrolley items whilst I was supposed to be food shopping, but I did need them!  I already have my dresses now I think, I found a couple in my wardrobe which I haven't even worn yet, so it seems like as good an excuse as any to get them out! :]

Now what I really need, is shoes.  I tell you what, it's not easy to find shoes for wide feet.  I mean, you can get those expensive ones from catalogues and stuff that look like the ones your granny wears, but just ordinary shoes in a wider fit that aren't silly prices, it's not easy.. I really want some nice little brown brogues and some kind of quirky wedges, but all the ones I've found so far are so narrow, and as I said..Spending curb!

I've also told myself that after my little wardrobe clear out I've just had on ebay, I am closing my account.  That site causes me nothing but stress and annoyance, and to be honest, I think that caused my initial downer at updating this blog.   I always consider myself a happy, bubbly person, but it's stupid little things like that that bring me down.  Confrontation, arguments, snippy little comments, unfortunately I take them to heart and they stay over my head like nasty little rainclouds, ruining my usually sunny day.  Silly, huh?

I am an over emotional person and I'll continue to be, I don't think it's a bad thing, but it does have it's downsides =P

So in an attempt at making this entry more than just a whiney rant, what else have i been up to? Umm.. well I've just been addicted to Ghost Adventures, Ni No Kuni & reading The Host before the movie comes out next  week, haha oh what a lively life mine is ;)

Anyway, I felt I needed to say that I am still here and I AM still blogging, but if I phase out for a little bit, I will be back, I'm just trying to find something interesting to say, haha :]

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