Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Virus, virus go away, don't come back any other day!

Ugh, germs please leave me alone.  The other half came home with this nasty virus thing the other day, and as misery loves company he infected me, yes I blame him completely. =P

Nasty nasty, and of course as I've been binging on ice cream and throat sweets, I've put on 2lbs dammit! Typical.

Went on a shopping spree this weekend in Primark to replenish the clothing supplies but it was craaazy at the rock in Bury, people everywhere, queues a mile long, you would think it was Christmas already!  Couldn't find too much, but got a few bits and pieces (will post about those later).  I do wish though that Asos would continue to keep stocking on the latest Primark stuffs, I was so excited when they started selling Primark items but they haven't updated it since the summer so it's not looking too good there, it would have made life so much easier considering my local stores rarely sell the "must have items", and going into the Manchester store can be such a pain.  It's so hard to find things in that store!

I am trying to be good though with money at the moment, instead of buying more makeup I'm trying to "re-discover" items in my stash, and actually use up hair products etc. (at the moment I'm trying the new FAST Shampoo & Conditioner combo by Nisim from Boots) and have already decided that everything I make on ebay from my old clothes will go towards paying off that nasty credit card that's hanging over my shoulders *sigh* saving money is so dull haha!

At least being poorly means I go shopping less eh? =P

& I have next week off work to look forward to, it can't get here soon enough! A week to lounge about in jammies with a whole season of Once Upon A Time to watch <3 <3 <3

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Autumn Beauty Favourites

My current favourite and essential products! <3

From the top: Katy Perry Killer Queen perfume - Now this isn't the best perfume ever, but it is a great every day one for work etc. I love my fragrances, but it pains me to use my best on a day to day basis, and this seemed like a good one for the change of seasons (I have an obsession with things matching the season I'm in heehee) it does remind me a bit of Lady GaGa's perfume too, but then I think most of the celebrity perfumes aren't exactly original, this is a nice one for the price though. :)
Sleek eyebrow kit: I've tried a few similar items before but a lot of them tend to be too dark for my brows, truthfully this is a little warm in tone for me, but it's the closest I have found so far and it's lovely and easy to apply.  It has a wax and an actual "colour powder/eyeshadow" (don't know what else to call it?) to fill in, it also has tiny little tweezers but I haven't used those, cute idea though.
Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet: I have been a long time admirer from afar of the Lime Crime products, but being in the UK I didn't like the thought of paying extortionate shipping fees for just a few items of makeup, so when I noticed that cutecosmetics had started to sell the brand I had to pounce on it! I also bought a couple of the lipsticks but this is the product I use the most, it's so so nice and lasts for ages due to it's matte finish, also adore the packaging of their lipsticks though, unicorns!!!
Bourjois Java Rice Powder: This is the special anniversary product from the brand, celebrating 150 years since the original's release.  It's a lovely loose powder with illuminating particles to give you a lovely finish, it also has the most beautiful vintagey smell which I also find with their little blushes too. 
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in Light Porcelain: I've just written a review on this item here to read my feelings on this. :)
Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll Mascara: For such a long time have I searched for the perfect foundation and mascara, and this is as close as I have come for the latter.  What makes things harder usually is that my eyes are quite sensitive to mascaras sometimes, they sting and water which of course makes it run etc. but I took a gamble on this one since I had a Debenhams gift card and so far so good! It has a nice sized brush and the formula's been great so far, I haven't used anything else since I bought it which is a good sign for me ;)

So there you have it, a few of my favourite items to wear at the moment.  I may not have any clothes, but at least my makeup bag is happy haha!

Weight loss update

As I mentioned in an earlier post I've been trying to lose weight for the past few months, and this weekend I finally achieved my first goal.  I say first as I set myself two goals, one to lose just under 3 stone, but then another for one more stone if possible.  If I don't reach the second goal though I'm still happy, I've already got down to a size 10 (pushing an 8 on top even) so losing more weight isn't essential, which is a good feeling!

Yes this is from Disneyland again, but I didn't really allow photos to be taken of me usually so this was one of the few I had lol
As you can see, I was getting a bit on the big side.. I was a size 12 for a long time, but I was a more of a "big 14" here, which I know isn't really big by any means, but it had got to the point where I was feeling really unhappy and insecure and knew something had to change, if I continued eating the way I did then, well.. It's not a healthy future is it? Especially considering I'm already at an increased risk of diabetes due to my PCOS, add being overweight to that and it's not great.

Anyway, I was trying on a pair of my old work trousers (which fit me then ^) and hilarity with good feeling ensued:

heehee!! they were huge!! 
I could even fit myself plus my dog in them haha!

I did this in just over 3 months too which I think is pretty good, I'm not going to give up on this healthier eating lifestyle too so hopefully I may lose a few more pounds, but if I don't and I maintain this weight, that's cool too.  I'm happy and that's all I care about now.

I guess what I want to say is, if you're not happy and you really want to change, anyone can do it if I can, I LOVE my food, like really really love it.  You also don't have to do all these crazy fad diets, I'm sure some of them work, but you don't have to put yourself through the depression and anxiety, I did this just by reducing my calorie intake and exercising as much as I could (which wasn't nearly enough but hey ho!) I can still eat a lot of the things I like, just in moderation.  I'm not going to say it was easy because it wasn't, but it also could have been a lot harder had I stuck to a fad diet, it doesn't need to be that way.

The sad part though was that essentially none of my clothes fit and had to go on eBay and until they sell, I can not afford any clothes, how sad is that? haha! Oh dear :(

REVIEW: New Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in Light Porcelain

Sorry for the delayed post again!

Today however I would like to post a review on a surprisingly amazing product, and it's super-duper budget friendly!

This foundation is the most recent launch by Rimmel, it is said to be an improved version of it's original stay matte foundation, which is supposed to be less "cakey and patchy".  Now I never actually used the original, and really only purchased this on a whim as it was only £5.99! This is a ridiculously cheap price for a foundation considering the average price for even a high street foundation is around £10.

Now for possibly the best part, the pale shade is... PALE!! Like, really really pale, proper pale, not even orangey yellow pale! I have such a problem with finding pale foundations to match my skin tone, the lightest shades are never light enough and I have especially found this with Rimmel in the past, the lightest shades just make me look tango'd, and I usually have to pay a fortune for high end foundations which usually don't quite match either.  The palest shade in Mac doesn't even quite match. Sad times for us pale gals.

This is actually the closest I've ever found, cannot believe.

I apologise for the horrible quality and weirdly taken photos, I'm not used to taking photos of my face like that and used a crappy front phone camera lol :P

Now you can't see it very well here but it really did make my skin look natural yet better, if that makes sense & look how pale!

The only downside I found to this is that after a few hours it starts to go kind of funky on my nose, like a little patchy but I just put a bit of powder on or concealer when on the go and it's fine. 

The foundation itself is supposed to be a mousse but it looks more like a creamy paste to me, it's thicker than a cream and not runny at all, but it doesn't have the drying texture that I tend to find with mousses either.  I found it blends best with a flat topped buffing brush too, I use my real techniques one and it goes on quite easily, I know some people have complained about the application being hard but I had no problems with that.

Is this the best foundation in the world ever? No probably not, but I am really really happy with it right now, probably mostly because of the shade actually matching, but I did something I usually never do, I bought another tube of this for when it runs out.  I have never bought the same foundation more than once before this, true fact. 

Will I still look for the perfect foundation? Probably, but I'm more than happy with this for for now, and I can only say to other brands, especially on the high street, if Rimmel can take on board that there a lot of tanning challenged people out there, then they can too! More REAL pale foundations please! :D

& high fives to Rimmel on a great foundation!

Monday, 2 September 2013

A very late update!

Oh dear, that was a very long and unscheduled hiatus wasn't it? I do apologize :(
I think I lost a bit of inspiration for posting, or quite a lot of inspiration, and just became so darn lazy!

So what have I been up to since I last posted? Well, I went to Disneyland Paris! Oh my word was it amazing, a lifetime of dreams come true.  I can't wait to go again, I miss it every day haha!

There's just a few of my..er...1000 photos.. yes you heard that right, 1000.  Actually there was a few more than that, but hey I've been waiting 20 years to go!  :D

I met all the Disney Princesses when I was there too haha I was so in awe of how beautiful they are! However I am not sharing those photos because..well.. I look a whale compared to them.  

After arriving home though I realised that not only had I put on a lot of weight before Disneyland, but whilst I was there due to far too much fast food =X so I decided to go on a diet.  I initially started on the celebrity slim diet due to knowing a few people who were having great success on it, but after a week I realised it wasn't for me.  I was feeling really ill and dizzy and it just wasn't enough to keep me going, especially considering my job is quite active (lots of running around and lifting etc.) so I came off that and started just having 1200 calories or less a day plus exercise when I could (which is far less than it should be) and I have managed to lose just over 2 stone in nearly 3 months :) I've still got a way to go, another stone and 3 lbs ideally but I feel like I've got down to a size that I'm still happy with as it is, it's getting a lot harder to lose now, but I do feel so much happier!
I'm now a size 10, although I do push a 12 on the bottom due to my stillquitelarge bottom, but that's much better than what I was! I've lost an inch and a half off my arms, about two and a half off my chest, four inches off my waist and four and a half off my hips :D now just to hope it stays off and I can lose a bit more! Still not quite in the healthy bmi range yet, but not too far off!

This of course meant a whole new wardrobe.. oh dear ;) I had a lot of fun in Primark last week I can tell you haha!