Sunday, 22 September 2013

REVIEW: New Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in Light Porcelain

Sorry for the delayed post again!

Today however I would like to post a review on a surprisingly amazing product, and it's super-duper budget friendly!

This foundation is the most recent launch by Rimmel, it is said to be an improved version of it's original stay matte foundation, which is supposed to be less "cakey and patchy".  Now I never actually used the original, and really only purchased this on a whim as it was only £5.99! This is a ridiculously cheap price for a foundation considering the average price for even a high street foundation is around £10.

Now for possibly the best part, the pale shade is... PALE!! Like, really really pale, proper pale, not even orangey yellow pale! I have such a problem with finding pale foundations to match my skin tone, the lightest shades are never light enough and I have especially found this with Rimmel in the past, the lightest shades just make me look tango'd, and I usually have to pay a fortune for high end foundations which usually don't quite match either.  The palest shade in Mac doesn't even quite match. Sad times for us pale gals.

This is actually the closest I've ever found, cannot believe.

I apologise for the horrible quality and weirdly taken photos, I'm not used to taking photos of my face like that and used a crappy front phone camera lol :P

Now you can't see it very well here but it really did make my skin look natural yet better, if that makes sense & look how pale!

The only downside I found to this is that after a few hours it starts to go kind of funky on my nose, like a little patchy but I just put a bit of powder on or concealer when on the go and it's fine. 

The foundation itself is supposed to be a mousse but it looks more like a creamy paste to me, it's thicker than a cream and not runny at all, but it doesn't have the drying texture that I tend to find with mousses either.  I found it blends best with a flat topped buffing brush too, I use my real techniques one and it goes on quite easily, I know some people have complained about the application being hard but I had no problems with that.

Is this the best foundation in the world ever? No probably not, but I am really really happy with it right now, probably mostly because of the shade actually matching, but I did something I usually never do, I bought another tube of this for when it runs out.  I have never bought the same foundation more than once before this, true fact. 

Will I still look for the perfect foundation? Probably, but I'm more than happy with this for for now, and I can only say to other brands, especially on the high street, if Rimmel can take on board that there a lot of tanning challenged people out there, then they can too! More REAL pale foundations please! :D

& high fives to Rimmel on a great foundation!

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