Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Virus, virus go away, don't come back any other day!

Ugh, germs please leave me alone.  The other half came home with this nasty virus thing the other day, and as misery loves company he infected me, yes I blame him completely. =P

Nasty nasty, and of course as I've been binging on ice cream and throat sweets, I've put on 2lbs dammit! Typical.

Went on a shopping spree this weekend in Primark to replenish the clothing supplies but it was craaazy at the rock in Bury, people everywhere, queues a mile long, you would think it was Christmas already!  Couldn't find too much, but got a few bits and pieces (will post about those later).  I do wish though that Asos would continue to keep stocking on the latest Primark stuffs, I was so excited when they started selling Primark items but they haven't updated it since the summer so it's not looking too good there, it would have made life so much easier considering my local stores rarely sell the "must have items", and going into the Manchester store can be such a pain.  It's so hard to find things in that store!

I am trying to be good though with money at the moment, instead of buying more makeup I'm trying to "re-discover" items in my stash, and actually use up hair products etc. (at the moment I'm trying the new FAST Shampoo & Conditioner combo by Nisim from Boots) and have already decided that everything I make on ebay from my old clothes will go towards paying off that nasty credit card that's hanging over my shoulders *sigh* saving money is so dull haha!

At least being poorly means I go shopping less eh? =P

& I have next week off work to look forward to, it can't get here soon enough! A week to lounge about in jammies with a whole season of Once Upon A Time to watch <3 <3 <3

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