Sunday, 22 September 2013

Weight loss update

As I mentioned in an earlier post I've been trying to lose weight for the past few months, and this weekend I finally achieved my first goal.  I say first as I set myself two goals, one to lose just under 3 stone, but then another for one more stone if possible.  If I don't reach the second goal though I'm still happy, I've already got down to a size 10 (pushing an 8 on top even) so losing more weight isn't essential, which is a good feeling!

Yes this is from Disneyland again, but I didn't really allow photos to be taken of me usually so this was one of the few I had lol
As you can see, I was getting a bit on the big side.. I was a size 12 for a long time, but I was a more of a "big 14" here, which I know isn't really big by any means, but it had got to the point where I was feeling really unhappy and insecure and knew something had to change, if I continued eating the way I did then, well.. It's not a healthy future is it? Especially considering I'm already at an increased risk of diabetes due to my PCOS, add being overweight to that and it's not great.

Anyway, I was trying on a pair of my old work trousers (which fit me then ^) and hilarity with good feeling ensued:

heehee!! they were huge!! 
I could even fit myself plus my dog in them haha!

I did this in just over 3 months too which I think is pretty good, I'm not going to give up on this healthier eating lifestyle too so hopefully I may lose a few more pounds, but if I don't and I maintain this weight, that's cool too.  I'm happy and that's all I care about now.

I guess what I want to say is, if you're not happy and you really want to change, anyone can do it if I can, I LOVE my food, like really really love it.  You also don't have to do all these crazy fad diets, I'm sure some of them work, but you don't have to put yourself through the depression and anxiety, I did this just by reducing my calorie intake and exercising as much as I could (which wasn't nearly enough but hey ho!) I can still eat a lot of the things I like, just in moderation.  I'm not going to say it was easy because it wasn't, but it also could have been a lot harder had I stuck to a fad diet, it doesn't need to be that way.

The sad part though was that essentially none of my clothes fit and had to go on eBay and until they sell, I can not afford any clothes, how sad is that? haha! Oh dear :(


  1. Woe! Congrats hun :) Id love to find out how you lost it in such a short amount of time! My eating habits have become terrible and I'd love to lose a bit of weight and go back to the size 10, or even 8 that I once was!

  2. Awww thankyou so much! :D I literally just reduced my calorie intake to a maximum of 1200 calories per day, I used my phone to keep a record of everything I ate like a food diary and eventually I would be able to remember what was in most of the food I ate anyway lol! I bought a cheap rowing machine too to try and work out although I did that really rarely lol =X and that was it really! Nothing too weird or drastic, but it worked for me :D I have about 1600 calories now to try and maintain it so I just hope it stays off. :)

    If I can do it anyone can don't worry haha I love my food :P I'm sure you look great as you are though! <3