Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Massive shopping haul for autumn/winter 2013 - Mostly Primark..

Well I promised a better post & here it is! Don't say I'm not a lass of my word haha! I may have forgotten to take photos of a few items, but oh well!

£10 from Primark.

You can never have too many Disney jammies! <3 I actually bought these after I found a 101 Dalmations dressing gown in Asda lol! It even has little puppy ears on the hood, although everyone keeps saying I look like a cow rather than a dalmation in it.. hmm.

£30 from TKMaxx

I've always loved duffle coats & this one in grey seemed so much cuter than a black one, it was actually a bit of an impulse buy but once I tried it on with the hood up, the urge to look like a little eskimo was too strong =P

£28 from Topshop

I had a giftcard still left for topshop so I bought this to go with my coat.. because that's what I do, haha.  Annoyingly though, despite this being brand new it had little dirty marks on it, kind of expect more from topshop but oh well.

£20 from Primark

Kind of expensive for Primark but it's "Limited Edition" apparently, and I fell in love with it when I found it online so to be honest, I didn't care. =P I ran in and grabbed this baby like it was a giant piece of cake. mmm cake.

Diary £10 & Pen £6 - Both from WHSmiths.

Diaries are so expensive!!! I realised I really needed one for my various hospital appointments & things that I've got coming up soon but did not expect to pay this much, sheesh! It got to the point that after looking through so many different stationary shops (although we all know I adore stationary <3) that I just resigned myself to paying this much, it is a cute one though.  The pen was half price in the sale so.. yeah. Everyone needs pens, right?

Ok so these were random things I bought in Asda & Boots, and I'll admit they're not the most glamorous items.  The vaseline was for my sore little nose from my cold, as was the E45, the nivea was.. well.. it was in a tub designed by Giles Deacon, ok? I can't resist cute packaging it seems.  I'm a marketer's dream.  & I've been dying to try Maybelline's infamous babylips lip balms and as my lips are starting to get cracked and sore now from the weather, I figured now was as good a time as any, to be honest though I don't think they're all that amazing.. Bit disappointed in the colour mostly, I chose "Cherry Me" assuming it to be.. well.. cherry coloured! Dark pinkish/red right? Wrong! Bright pale pink! huh?!

£12 from Primark

LOVE this cardigan! I almost bought one virtually the same from Matalan for £22, so glad I waited and checked Primark first! It's so comfy and warm, everyone needs a good cardi for the autumn/winter season <3

£10 or £12 from Primark (can't remember now :()
Ok, I really wanted to wear shorts in the summer but the ones I bought were too big once it came to wear them, so when I saw these little cuties I had to have them.  Planning on wearing them with black tights of course as it's too cold now for sunning my pasty white legs, just hope I'm brave enough!

£13 from Primark

Yet another tartan dress for me, I adore tartan.  I was so excited when I saw it everywhere this season, seriously.  This one has a little slip underneath as it's slightly sheer, really cute and for £13 you can't go wrong really can you?

£14 from Primark

This is SO soft and fluffy!! As soon as I picked it up I refused to put it down, it's like a little fluffy kitten.. & so pretty!

£6 or £8 from Primark, again can't remember and can't be bothered to go and check, lazy lazy.

I literally squealed when I found this, you have no idea.  I had seen one similar from Primark before doing the rounds on ebay for stupido amounts and refused to pay triple what I knew it was origianlly priced at, so I held out and kept on checking and checking, I even asked the rather unhelpful staff but got no where.  Then on the most recent visit, I wasn't even looking for it as I had given up.. And then I found this! It isn't the same one but pfft it's still the little mermaid, I don't care. Love love love this so much, and it's so bright! <3 <3 Might wear this for disney on ice this month actually =]

£14 from Primark.

This is probably my favourite item on my wardrobe at the moment.  It's SO flattering, it has tartan, a bow, and a peter pan collar.  What is not to love about this? I almost bought another one, love it that much.  It reminds me of a little Japanese sailor girl combined with an Australian school uniform, and yes, that is a good thing.

£16 from F&F at Tesco (though it only cost me £6 thanks to clubcard vouchers ;))

Noticing a "pattern"? Harharhar I'm so funny.  Yes I love tartan, and you can't not have a kilt/skirt can you?

£6 from Primark. No not my head, the hat.

I was worried this might be a tad "urban" for me but I really liked it and needed a hat to go with my parka, so in the basket it went.  I apologise for the crappy photo but you get the idea. Love the cute little chain on it too.

£10 from Primark

Love a bit of lace for the winter.  £10 is such a bargain too! I actually picked this up to try it on and probably buy it on my first visit that weekend to Primark, and then it mysteriously disappeared! Only realised when I came home and it wasn't in my bag, very weird, so of course I went back the following day to track it down.  Might wear this with my glittery green shoes for going to see Wicked for Hallowe'en. =]

£5 from Primark!

Again, yes the dress not me or my phone, now that would be a bargain. Bought these origianlly in a size 10 and they were TINY!!! Had to take them back and exchange them for 12s and even they are smaller than the black lace dress which is a size 10, crazy.  It might be the material, I don't know, but if you do buy these I advise you try them on and check your size first.

£5 from Primark, again.

Yes I loved the wine version so much I also bought it's twin in green, they really are cute though for a fiver.

£8 or £10 from Primark, I really need to check prices as I go don't I?

More tartan haha! Sweatshirts are everywhere at the moment so thought I would try one, this feels nice and cosy on.

£10 from Primark

I did actually also buy this in mint too but I couldn't find it in my wardrobe to photograph it, strange.. but oh well, you get the idea =P This is really fuzzy and soft yet again and looks really cute on, I like that it's a cropped length and short sleeves, looks adorable with a skirt or high waisted jeans. :)

£4 from Primark

.. so I bought two pairs! These are SO comfy!!! I was worried they might be a bit summery dress but they really were too comfy and cute to pass up.

£35 from Primark

Oh. My. God.  You have no idea how much I love this.  This picture doesn't do it justice, it looks so much better on (will get a photo soon).  It actually has a funny story too.  I was in Manchester with my Mum, and she actually spotted it in one of those "piles of abandonment" that you see at Primark, so I dashed over and picked it up but it was on a size 14 hanger, so I was about to put it down thinking it was the wrong size when I saw the tag said it was a 10.  So I tried it on and fell in love with it, in the basket it went and off I pranced to do more shopping.  Aaanyway, later we saw these two girls asking a member of staff if they had any more of these coats in a size 8 or 10 as all they had on the rails were bigger sizes, so there I am clutching onto mine as their hopes were dashed for this beauty in their size, oopsie! haha! That 14 hanger saved it's little life it did.

£25 from Asda

Everyone needs a parka for the winter.  I actually had a Henry Holland one from Debenhams but as it became too big, to ebay it went and this was it's replacement.  Bit of a bargain for under £30 really considering how warm it is, nice fluffy hood too. I do love a fluffy hood.

So, there you have it, that's been my massive shopping spree of the past week or so, bit naughty of me when you add it all up, but.. well.. I have no excuse really other than the losing weight thing, which I think is good enough. ;)

Phew, I'm tired now after all that.


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  4. Wow it looks as though you got some great bargains, love the fur collar on your coat and I've totally failed to track down that Little Mermaid tee.
    I love the tartan / peter pan collar dress as well, so cute!