Sunday, 20 October 2013

What a hair raising story

Oo what a terrible title haha!

I am having a hair colour issue though none the less, you see.. I've had a lot of different hair colours over the last few years, let's take a little walk down memory lane shall we..

Yes shameless Robert Pattinson photo in there.  This is however the only photo I can find of my natural hair colour, even if I look horrible lol! It's a terribly fuzzy photo too so who knows what shade of brown it really is? I certainly don't anymore!

Hair dye used: Garnier Herbashine Red Mahogany

Then this was my first attempt at colouring my hair, after years of craving red hair I went for it using a crappy semi permenant hair dye but it faded so quickly that this is the only photo I have of it.  It was also really patchy and badly applied but I did love the colour!

Hair dye used: Garnier Herbashine Dark Brown, then L'oreal Casting Dark brown (not sure what it was called exactly)

Then for a long time I had very dark brown hair, at some stages it looked almost black. Not the greatest photo I know.

Hair dye used: Salon bleached then maintained with L'oreal Preference Lightest Ash Blonde

Then I suddenly decided I wanted to be a blonde! I did really like this colour although most other people didn't think it suited me, it was a pain to maintain though as soon as the roots came through and went brassy really fast :( I was impressed with how light I got it though considering how dark it was before!

Hair dye used: L'oreal Sublime Mousse Copper

Warning: Horrible photo ahoy!!! Dear god look at those brows LMAO! This is however the only photo I think that exists of my ginger locks.. They actually looked really nice in person, but apparently this didn't translate to photography =P

The gingeryness then faded to this colour, which was like a pretty honey/golden blonde.. But the roots came in a creeping still and the ginger wouldn't cover it, back to brown it was..

Hair dye used: John Frieda Bronze

Again, not a great photo but I really didn't keep it this colour for long.  I remember I had it for Hallowe'en (hence the outfit :P) it was a lighter brown than it looks with a hint of gold to it, possibly from the ginger underneath than anything, it was a nice colour, but I still wasn't happy..

Hair dye used: Salon colour, can't remember the shade

This was the colour I opted for over Christmas, a very dark brown again which I had done at a salon (yes I didn't do it myself for once!) but it started to go really red, even though I had wanted a brown without red undertones, it clearly had them :( Or maybe it was the red from before, I don't know, either way it was very red shortly after this so I put an ash brown dye over the top in an attempt to try and get it kind of cooler and more similar to what I think my natural hair colour is

Hair dye used: Salon

This was what I then had for months! Longer than all the other hair colours.  I was trying to grow all the dye out and get back to my natural colour, and I had the blonde ombre effect applied, I really really loved this. It was a subtle colour effect really but I really enjoyed it!  As my hair grew though and I was having the ends trimmed, the blonde started to disappear of course and I was reluctant to bleach my hair again as it was, and still is, in really bad condition.  The ends are very damaged and frizzy, even after trims, and all the hair feels so dry and icky. Not good.

Hair dye used: L'oreal Preference Wild Ombre Copper

Please forgive the startled expresion! I have no idea why haha!  This is how my hair currently looks.  I wanted an autumny look so I.. put copper over the blonde.  I actually do love it, but this leads me to my current problem.  It's not taking to the bleach properly at all.  Patches of blonde have already come through mere days after application, the ends look even frizzier and more damaged, and some other patches are going such a pale orange that it looks apricoty, basically it's starting to turn into a mess and me being me, it's just not good enough!

Soooo a long story cut short, just like my hair :P, what colour shall I go? Should I keep it as it is (even though it's a mess) or have a change? I was thinking of just going back to brown, but what shade? I have no idea what colour of brown my real hair is, I mean the roots are my natural colour, but it's all so mixed and blended that I have no idea what to call it.  Do I go darker again? Chocolate? Ash? I just don't knooow :(

I've booked a hair appointment in case I decide not to do it myself this time, but I don't always have that much faith in salon colours to be honest, more than once I've spent a fortune to leave with something that wasn't right, and I know you can complain but.. I'm British, we complain to all the wrong people and not when it counts :P

Problems problems!

Oh why can I never just be happy eh? ;)

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