Saturday, 2 November 2013

Back to black.. well, brown actually, but that would make an odd song title.

Oops! Sorry again for that disappearing act! It's been a crazy week!

I had my hair done as I said I was going to in my last entry, in the end I decided to go back to dark brown which is apparently a combination of mocha and ash, so hopefully not too red!

Yes I realise this is a terrible picture but the only other one I've taken since my change of hair is of me in a onesie.. and you're just not seeing that haha ;)

Then on Hallowe'en (hope you all had a good/scary one!) after work the other half and I went to see Wicked the musical in Manchester! AMAZING show! That girl who plays Elphaba, the wicked witch, has an incredible set of pipes on her, wow!! Oddly the two people who were sitting in front of us got up after the end of the first half and never came back, very strange! I have been waiting to see the show for years so when I heard it was going on tour I just had to go, and Hallowe'en seemed as good a time as any for a witchy-tastic show ;)

Tonight I was actually meant to be at a Hallowe'en party too but sadly the weather has put a stop to that, I didn't fancy being out in the thunder and lightening in a Snow White costume haha :( I might just dress up as her tomorrow for the sake of it.. I was looking forward to being a Disney Princess :(
Speaking of which, I actually found a company that hires people to dress as Disney Princesses for children's parties and meet and greets and they were recruiting a Snow White, so I applied but they required "Proffesional acting experience"! pfffft so disappointed, I could have done it... XD

Other than that it's been crazy busy at work, so I've just been too tired to do much of anything else :(

Tomorrow's meant to be a bonfire and fireworks display, I do hope the weather doesn't spoil that one too as that's actually outside as well! Stupid rain :(

Well there you have it, a quick update and I know it wasn't very interesting, but I'll try to make the next one a bit better, I did actually do a spot of shopping today (and the other day in which I bought my favourite tartan Primark dress in two more colours haha!) but didn't get anything apart from the previously mentioned onesie (in an age 13 haha! cheaper and not as long!) and got a new bra fitting since losing weight, turns out I've lost two bra sizes :( I know that's a good thing as it's because I've lost weight, but d'awww ma boobs are goneded! so the very nice ann summers lady found me some super boob-boosting bras to replace the lost boobsticles haha! They have some really nice lingerie in there, especially for Christmas, go check them out!

Anyway, as the X-factor will soon be on (sad I know) I shall say cheerio for now and will hopefully have more interesting things to say next time :P

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