Sunday, 1 December 2013

It's finally December, yay!

I can't believe today is the first of December already! Advent calendars at the ready, I actually have two like the greedy moo I am, and may the Christmas films begin! I did actually start watching the TV ones weeks ago but now I can pull out the DVDs and enjoy them "properly", in fact I started today with Arthur Christmas & currently Nativity 2 which I didn't even know existed but gosh it has David Tennant in, swooooon. (on a related note, who watched the Doctor Who anniversary special last week? Oh I cried buckets with joy at seeing him as the Doctor again.)

Anyway a quick step backwards in time to last Sunday & guess who I saw in Manchester? Oh yes, 30 SECONDS TO MARS!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!

Oh gosh they were amazing, and Jared Leto is actually quite possibly the hottest guy in the world, apart from my hubby of course. ;)

I would like to just add that the last two photos aren't actually mine, and were found via the wonders of google as they are clearly superior to any photos I managed to take of him due to me stupidly forgetting to take my actual camera.  Well in fact I didn't forget, I packed the case, got to the hotel in Manchester and opened it to check my battery.. and the camera wasn't in it.  Devastated doesn't even cover it, so then all I had was my phone which does have a decent camera, but not for these conditions obviously. :( The videos I took were pretty good however. Anyway, thankyou to whoever took these photos and if they are yours please let me know and I shall credit your fantastic photography skills <3 I am also incredibly jealous about how close you were to him haha ;)

Their support act "You Me At Six" were also very good actually, I especially loved their demand for a circle pit haha, I don't know why but it just really amused me!

Here's me and the mister awaiting their performance, he looks incredibly drunk there but I swear he wasn't lol! & I am much more excited than I actually look, that I can definitely promise you :P

& here I am the morning after, saddened that it's over, but loving my t-shirt souvenier <3

Also the Macdonald Townhouse hotel in Manchester is truly lovely and I do recommend it, it's a bit farther from the MEN Arena, oh no wait, the "Phones 4 u Arena" (......) than I possibly would have liked but it's not far from the centre itself and the room was much larger than I expected! It was also perfect distance from Burger King for a midnight feast, lovely.

We also passed this guy late at night in the centre of Manchester near the arndale, scared the crap out of me.  A festive Predator, just what every Christmas needs?

Now back to the Christmassyness.  Did everyone open their first door on their advent calendars then?

For those who don't want to see what's inside door number one, please look away now.....

I said look away if you don't want to know.. Are you sure? Alright then!


Yay a mini Soap and Glory clean girls bodywash! It's so cute and smells divine! I can't wait until tomorrow's, and number eight actually as the door is massive haha!

Ooh also yesterday I bought the Sensationail Deluxe Starter Kit from Boots, it's the current star gift and is currently £45 down from a whopping £105, woah.

 I absolutely love it, I couldn't wait to try it out last night and whilst it did take me a little while at first to get the hang of it, it isn't actually that tricky and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to do it a lot quicker and neater next time.

Here's my first attempt using the colour "Sugar Plum", it's really pretty and shiny, and I've in fact bought some of the infamous "BlueSky" shades from good old ebay for a fiver each, they'll be a bargain if they will work with the Sensationail lamp, which apparently they should according to a lot of blogs, so I'll be sure to post some pictures once I've tried them, I bought some lovely glittery ones for Christmas ;) I just hope this removes easier than my acrylics did..  It's supposed to last 2 weeks on as well, which I'm not sure mine will due to my hands suffering a lot during work but we shall see!

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