Thursday, 26 December 2013

Post-Christmas blues already :(

Yes Christmas has been and gone, and already i have the blues.  Boxing Day usually means working with retail madness but my current job is closed so thats something!

Anyway, yesterday was a pretty awesome Christmas for me, i hope it was for you too! My main gift, from the hubby, is actually what i'm using right now.. IPAD MINI woooop wooop! :D:D:D

I also got Swarovski earrings, a steiff teddy, a lovely onesie, a kardashian bracelet, two beautiful dresses, lovely slippers - and actually maybe a photo of everything will be easier :P

Pretty awesome haul eh? ;) You can also see my amazing secret santa gift there too in all its glory :D I've been using that bag since i opned it lol!

Here's me in my onesie, complete with my beautiful doggy <3 This onesie is soooo warm i love it :D

The hubby & I, yes he always looks miserabke in photos, he assures me he was actually smiling haha! This is also one of the dresses from my parents, chosen by my dad! & Chris's clothes were also from them, although i chose the jumper :D You can also see my bracelet a little there too :)

& lastly here is our magnificent turkey dinner :D Yes it was as tastey as it looks, I dont think i'll be weighing myself any time soon though, i still feel stuffed!!

Unfortunately its back to reality with work tomorrow, and the sale will begin, however I'm going shopping myself once i finish, so we'll see if i find anything worthwhile that might be left :) I did make a fairly large online order from River Island's sale so I'll be sure to update about that when it all arrives :D

So, tata for now :D

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